The office may be humble, but there’s life-changing work going on inside.

RLabs’ Grow Leadership Academy helps young people create innovative businesses. RLabs Tanzania has trained over 900 young people and 5,000 community members in entrepreneurship and innovation.

In Iringa, we are developing a youth cafe, Maker Space, and Zlto reward scheme with support from the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology.

We’ve expanded Grow Leadership Academy to Dar es Salaam, where we’ll be developing a training site and social enterprise on a stunning ocean view plot donated to RLabs by social entrepreneurs.

RLabs UK is supporting RLabs Tanzania to raise the funds and systems to grow.


The team have ‘bootstrapped’ the programme with limited funding and have just 3 old computers. We need your help!

Help us buy 10 computers so young people can access a world of business ideas and learn IT skills.


“Hope is very important. When you restore hope, everything else follows. Hope unlocks potential. We show young people that they are important and help them see the opportunities around them. There are so many opportunities in Tanzania, and across Africa.”

Yusuf Sessanga, RLabs Tanzania Team Leader


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“I have never ever been tired in my whole life! I love changing lives of young people, transforming their minds to think positively. We’re taking Grow Leadership from Iringa to Dar, there’s great excitement in the community.”

Eliya, RLabs Youth Trainer


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