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  • Build work experience and confidence


RLabs UK launches Zlto pilot

RLabs is offering Zlto completely free to partners joining our 2019 UK pilot. You’ll get technical backup, help to attract vendors to donate products and the chance to influence development of the app.

Zlto is flexible to your programme and context. You and your members choose the actions and the rewards. It’s about enhancing the life-changing work you are already doing, to empower people and stimulate community action.


How it works


‘We love Zlto as a way of getting people engaged - it really adds value to what we’re doing in the community.’

Read more about Zlto success in Birmingham


How it started


Allan Van Der Meulen, Zlto Co-Founder. ’Go out and be the change'!’

Zlto was developed by young people at RLabs in Cape Town to promote community action and help young people gain the skills and work experience they need to secure jobs.

A wide range of products and services are now donated for Zlto in South Africa including hairdressing, doctor and dentist services, groceries, mobile phone credit, driving lessons, and bus services.

In RLabs’ Youth Cafes, young people can only buy food and drink with Zlto - making social action an integral part of their training at RLabs.


Zlto is one of Vodafone’s Top 50 Techstarters.

We’re entrepreneurial, passionate about social impact, and want to hear from you!


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+ What is the value of Zlto for our members?

Zlto enables you to reward your members in an empowering way. This could be for volunteering, attending training, or any other positive behaviours you define as an organisation.

Your members are encouraged to propose their own projects and actions to benefit the community, which will be eligible for Zlto rewards.

Concrete rewards drive greater engagement in activities which will build your members’ confidence and work experience. Earning and spending Zlto for positive actions enables individuals to transact with dignity.

+ What is the value of Zlto for us as an organisation?

Zlto enhances the life-changing work you are already doing as an organisation, with an innovative mechanism for supporting and empowering vulnerable groups and an online platform to track the impact.

Zlto automatically tracks number of users, number of hours of volunteering, and Zltos earnt and spent. This is a good proxy for tracking increasing levels of engagement and action from your members. Outside of the app, we would hope to see impact on members' confidence, transition to work, and activism.

Zlto enables you to build partnerships with businesses that want to support your work and welcome a practical and trackable mechanism for doing so. Zlto also opens up a new source of grant funding for your organisation through the growing Tech for Social Good sector.

+ How do Zlto credits work in practice?

When you sign up to Zlto, RLabs will give you your own organisational dashboard where you can post volunteering opportunities for your members to sign up to or propose their own. You verify the work they have done, and credit their account with Zlto. Only your registered members can access your Zlto opportunities.

We will support you to secure donations of relevant products and services for Zlto, mobilising our respective local and national business networks.

Members spend their Zlto credits in the Zlto store on the app, and then print out vouchers that they can take to a physical shop to collect the products they have bought with Zlto.

Business partners have their own Zlto dashboard to track the products they have offered and the Zlto vouchers redeemed.

+ Does Zlto affect receipt of benefits?

The Department for Work and Pensions supports initiatives to improve work readiness. Zlto rewards are not a payment in kind, and do not affect receipt of benefits.

+ How do we get started with Zlto?

Please get in touch with RLabs so we can talk more!

We’ll tell you more about how Zlto works, and share learning from other organisations using Zlto. RLabs will support you to plan the management of your Zlto scheme, including determining types of activity eligible for Zlto credits, and strategies and promotional materials for engaging local businesses. The Zlto planning tool provides a starting point for your organisational planning.

+ What are our commitments as a Zlto partner?

Primarily to manage the scheme and promote to your members. You will also need to share feedback on your progress and help us collect impact data to build the business case for Zlto, for example successful transition to employment. We will work with you to define impact indicators and data collection tools. We promise to keep this as minimal as possible, because we fully understand the burden of monitoring and evaluation you are already under.

We invite all partners to attend quarterly review meetings. This is a valuable opportunity for you to share learning with other organisations using Zlto with different groups and contexts around the UK. Through these meetings we will develop best practice in management of the schemes, and also gather feedback to help us develop and improve the Zlto platform itself.

+ What support can we expect from RLabs?

RLabs will train your staff to use Zlto and be available for remote tech support as needed.

We hope that you will be able to encourage local businesses to donate products for your Zlto scheme, by demonstrating the positive impact that the incentives will have on your members and on the wider community through their volunteering. We will support you by recruiting national businesses to donate producs for all of our Zlto partners. We can also develop joint funding applications to support your Zlto scheme.

+ What about safeguarding?

It's important to consider any safeguarding risks associated with Zlto, especially if you are working with vulnerable groups. Safeguarding remains the responsibility of the partner organisation and it is up to each organisation to consider the safeguarding implications of the types of Zlto activities they are proposing.

+ Where is Zlto operating so far?

Two Zlto schemes are 'live' in Birmingham and Brighton. We're in discussion with organisations in Bedford, Scunthorpe, Salisbury, London, and national organisations with multiple projects around the country.